Tuesday, 29 April 2014


You've already seen a sneak peak if this outfit in my previous post but here it is if full. One thing I'm not looking forward to in the summer is squinting Sun faces. Hello unavoidable looking away from the camera poses :/

Headband: Crown and Glory (similar here, here and here)
Playsuit: Primark (similar here)
Belt: New Look
Bag: River Island
Cardigan: Primark
Boots: River Island
Wristband: McBusted tour

There so much to talk about in this look. The playsuit was the only proper sunny thing I took ti Bournemouth and I'm glad I could get my legs out (even if it meant ripping off my tights in the toilet- and I meant ripping).

Inspired by Chelsea I wanted to add a belt for a bit of waist definition and I think it just about worked, paired with my faux fur bag and leather boots the whole outfit had a lovely mixed material feel. To steer away from all black I added my purple Crown and Glory crown. I wanted it to have the casual big haired look Helen (Melonlady) nails but I'm not sure it was completely there- although my straightened hair took on a lovely beachy wave. 

I can't wait for the sun to properly show to feel all the vitamin D soak through my skin (something I am determined to have this year).

Favourite part of this whole look is my McBusted wristband- the best £4 I ever spent and caused a lot of laughter trying to get it off without cutting it at work. 

Other than the cardigan and crowns (which are only a few weeks old) all of my clothes are from seasons past. I'm defiantly feeling recycling my wardrobe as of late- maybe it's time I hang up my shopping and fashion blogging shoes?
Jodie x 

Monday, 28 April 2014


Someone please take me back to Bournemouth- I'm not ready to accept my favourite holiday is over- so much so ive been in a permanent sulk since returning to Essex Thursday and have only just summoned up the energy to blog. 

We spent the first two days walking round Bournemouth town and the sea front, with cocktails at Harry Ramsdems and FAR too many hills. I ended every night in a hot bath at our Premier Inn and started with a MASSIVE veggie breakfast- it was lucky there was so many hills or we wouldn't be fitting in our clothes. Fuelled by the greatest coffee ever at The Espresso Kitchen (coming from a caffeine free tea drinker). We could really tell their passion for coffee, it smelt amazing in there and was delicious, plus has an awesome retro surfer feel with boards on the ceiling and cute pots of sugar.  

I also learnt I'm a bit of a dab hand at arcade games, and got to waste a lot of tine on the 2p machines, I rarely won I just like the game. If you've never played them I feel really sorry for you as you missed out.

My highlight was seeing McBusted perform at the BIC- the perfect venue. I don't want to spoilt it for anyone but it was AMAZING!! They're first song was a complete surprise, they played all the favourites plus a few surprises, and only one slow song. If you're yet to attend you're in for a treat- but be prepared for your ears ringing afterwards from screaming and feeling like the oldest (and tallest there). To thank Chris for taking me we spent the following day painting tiles at Poole pottery and if you're planning to attend you'll be there all day (and they have the best chocolate milkshake) and was worth the drive through streets worse than London- I don't think I've ever driven round worse designed roundabouts.

The one thing we couldn't do without leaving Bournemouth was go up in the Balloon. Chris visited Bournemouth as a kid but we had a completely different experience together, spending most of it walking about, seeing the town and going up in the balloon (his dream after missing out on it all those years ago). I really recommend going up on it (but take  jacket as its freezing up there) but really educational- apparently the The royal Exeter Hotel was originally the first holiday home in the area built in 1810 . I really liked the way looking right over the edge made me feel like a giant and a little bit sick.

I'm not saying Bournemouth was the most beautiful town (some was really run down) but something about the sea air made us feel fantastic- something we very much miss back home.

This is the only photo me and Chris got together.

It really was the best 4 days ever, and leaving Chris to return to reality is heart wrenching. I'm not looking forward to sleeping on my own tonight :( I'm officially jealous of everyone who lives with their partners. Being back in reality sucks, but at least I've returned with a new found gusto for life.
Jodie x 

Monday, 21 April 2014


Just a note to say that I'm off on holiday today with Chris to sunny Bournemouth. Sorry there's going to be no scesuled posts but I will return at the weekend with lots of content.

It's going to be nice to have a break from everything including blogging to sort out my thoughts and plan my future and relax. Plus tomorrow were off to see McBusted!!!! It's a great way to spend our first holiday in about 5 years of dating.

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Jodie x 

Thursday, 17 April 2014


Whoop to the next 10 days off!! Plus 10 days I get to spend with Chris. It's going to be the longest time we've ever spent together non stop, and our first ever holiday and I'm so excited!!! I can't wait to pack for Bournemouth :) 

I'm praying the weather returns to warmth like it was at the beginning of April, otherwise lying on the beach is going to be cold (but no less enjoyable). The weather is really confusing me at the moment, one minute I'm stripping off into summer clothes, the next I'm layering up for the cold. 

I feel like I'm living in skater skirts, a petticoat and a simple tee at present. 

Skirt: Boohoo 
Tee: Camden Market
Belt: Vintage
Petticoat: eBay

I felt recently I was neglecting this Boohoo skirt for my plain black Topshop skater skirt and that makes me feel bad. Its shorter than the Topshop but flares better, so once I add a petticoat for modesty I don't know why its second choice.

Wearing such a simple mix of clothes always spurs me to create awesome hair- so the beehive was essential. Crowned off with these floral cat ears and I felt cute and functional. Head wear is slowly becoming a bit of a "thing" for me- I just don't feel complete without at least a hair clip or head scarf. I feel like I need at least another 3 heads just to wear more. 
Jodie x 

Monday, 14 April 2014


This week has been manic and just plain awful- but has given me the resolution to spend a lot less time at work related activities and more time into fun things. In other words I've bought a juicer (yay for saving money and clearer skin) so if anyone has some awesome juice recipes let me know.

I guess it's my unenthusiastic nature towards shopping at present but my favourite blogs this week have been away from fashion bar one- that is Chelsea in her awesome checked jumpsuit. I love my velvet one so I'm inspired to throw on a chunky belt and boots now :)

Other than that having had my hair dyed I was VERY ecstatic to see Laws new do. I think it's fair to say Law is my biggest hair inspiration and her latest masterpiece doesn't disappoint :)

Keeping with the hair view I love Georgina's latest headbands especially the felt cat ears.

One thing I have to try after reading Zoe's post is blue mascara- it's like being in the 90s again- as it looks awesome with her blue eyes and hair. I'm not sure if it will work as well with my brown eyes but as I have a blue mascara I received in a goody bag months ago I need to try it.

Finally I know I started this post about my juicer but how delicious are these cocktails from the girls at Bespoke Bride? Yum.

I've got a very different sort of post lined up this week about why I went to Manchester all those weeks ago, and with Bournemouth round the corner in going to schedule posts like mad this week. Is it silly the thing I'm looking forward to most at Bournemouth is having a bath?
Jodie x 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


I feel like I've worn this smock form Vintage Style Me about a thousand times, and countless times on this blog but I really just can't get enough of it. Its just so comfortable and the length is perfect to show off my legs. Trying to mix it up a little I wore it with my new black faux leather jacket thanks to Chris.

Hair clips: Crown and Glory (similar here and here)

I honestly think  this outfit is the definition of cosy most loved clothes. Its all my favourite things at the moment (so much so I am actually wearing the leather jacket as I write this). I know it might seem silly to think about it so far in advance but I am totally going to wear this as a staple to Uni in September.

In fact I can already feel my opinion towards clothes changing, I just don't really feel like buying them at the moment. I feel happier planning timeless looks using the wardrobe I already have, and the only thing I'm looking at is a pair of Dr Martens as they're beautiful and I know that a pair of DMs would be something that will last for years (if not forever). I'm not saying I hate current trends, but more I'm inspired to relate that to the style I am comfortable with and the clothes i already wear. Which is why I was so touched when Chris spotted this jacket and practically forced me to accept it as a gift. I will wear it until it dies.

I'm so unbelievably lucky I have such a supportive and stylish boyfriend :)
Jodie x

Monday, 7 April 2014


Today is the 5 month countdown to me attending Uni!! I'm so unbelievably excited but its been a stressful week building up to this point.

After finally deciding Uni A (working in my home town with colleagues Ive worked with before) won over Uni B (who's tutors where amazing). I know I will get excellent support on placement at Uni A, and hoping that after another visit at the end of the month will prove the tutors are just as friendly as those at Uni B. I've cemented this idea by emailing Uni A asking if I can be a student blogger.

Plus if I go to Uni A I can ride a bike to work, and the possibility of a beautiful new bike is too appealing to refuse.

I feel like my outfits lately are a lot closer to the mental image in my mind, I fell like a caricature of myself and that makes me happy. My petticoats where the greatest things I have ever bought- they just give the perfect level of volume to my skirts, something that I don't notice enough until I photograpth it.

Top: Vintage (similar here and here)
Petticoat: eBay
Skirt: Topshop
Hat: River Island
Belt: New Look
Phone case c/o Iconemesis

Does leopard print count as a neutral because I hoesntly feel likes it goes with everything. I think its replacing black as my favourite colour. I am forever thankful that Iconemesis sent me this awesome phone cover.

I wonder if I could buy a leopard print bike? Or a leopard print pencil case for Uni?
Jodie x

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Thank you guys for all the love given on  my previous post, I have awful skin so posting a blog post  featuring so much of my face was a little scary. (So much so it took me until today to read the comments- whoop for no horrible trolling).

Following on from my Crown and Glory love fest I'm sharing my first outfit featuring one (what I wore to my boyfriends last band practise) although not the last.

Skirt: Boohoo
Crown: Crown and Glory (similar here, here and here)

You know when an outfit is in your mind and you have a sort of "look" and it doesn't transfer to reality- it totally transferred with this. It turned out exactly how it was in my mind (once I added a petticoat to puff out my skirt).

In my mid I look a little cartoony, I think my hips and bum are a little wider (my dream) and the difference between my waist, hips and chest is greater and I'm just overall a little more like a cartoon. My skirts always stick right the way out -which has built to my petticoat obsession under every skirt- and I always have the brightest hair; this look was just perfecta. I'm so happy it worked out perfectly.

Does anyone else have an image of themselves in their mind that they like to dress up too?
Jodie x