Monday, 30 June 2014


Staying at Chris house twice a week means I end up carrying things back and forth a lot including my makeup. Until recently I had just chucked it all into the bottom of my handbag (leading to make up covered keys and my brush bristles going the wrong way) which was far from ideal. I had been looking for the perfect size for day makeup use for a while and when Hayley (from London Beauty Queen) ran her competition with SewLomax for a bag I was shocked to have won. 

I can't believe the difference it has made. No more broken product, fretting over losing my mascara and smooth brushes. 

It's just the right size to fit everything I need but not be too big in my bag, has the best zip I have ever had (just the right amount of stiff) and best if all its so cute. The embroidery is perfect (I love red lipstick) and I love the cotton reel logo on the back. 

I honestly feel like this was made for me in mind- I mean the raspberry colour fits so well with my hair (although I love EVERYTHING and seriously feel like I NEED a pencil case for uni).

I feel like this is a step towards more beauty related posts for me- something I don't really do for the simple reason is I like to really test a product. Unless it's love at first application (lipsticks) beauty is something I really test especially when it comes to my hair. Such as this bag which I've actually had fir about a month :)

Plus I need to practice my product shots. I'm surprised these actually take longer than outfit photos- I tipped my make up out 7 times to get the "casual just fell like this look" then gave up. I have seriously poor photography skills.
Jodie x 
P.S. I just realised how smudged my products are- at least I can prove I really road teat my things. 

Friday, 27 June 2014


June always feels like the worst month of the year to me- I don’t know why it’s just awful! This June was especially awful as at the same time my parents went away, Chris had a lot going on so (as were doing the whole long distance relationship thing) I barely saw him for a month, as being the sole carer of my dog I couldn’t really see anyone.

Another factor is I’m not too keen on the summer months; my skin has become super sensitive so I hate the heat, I have to pack away all my furs and a lot of my favourite clothing and the humidity makes my hair suffer. Basically I feel super unattractive!
When Debs from The (Not So) Secret Diary Of A Wannabe Princess suggested joining #JoyfulJunePSBloggers I jumped at the chance. After the success of #PSBloggersMarvellousMay I want to join in more of these sorts of group things. Plus the idea of sending off an anonymous parcel (I didn’t even know who I was sending too just an address) to someone to brighten their day and receiving one in return (form someone else) sounded just like the sort of group love I know I would need to cheer up my June.  I spent a good few hours deciding on the perfect parcel totally £10 (super affordable) ending up picking some vintage inspire beauty products I’ve been loving lately and some chocolate (and as I wasn’t to keep it anonymous I’m not going to share).

My gifter got items for me down to a tee (OMG look at that awesome handmade rose headband I physically think she has been in my mind with how awesome it is- seriously a rose, hairband and handmade ticks all the boxes of things I love) and I hope my gifted will enjoy my parcel as much as me. I sincerely hope that whoever took the time to send me such well-planned and thoughtful gifts see this post as I want to give them a heartfelt thank you for cheering me up out of my funk.

This is 100% the thing I needed to cheer me up (arriving a few hours before I finally got to spend time with Chris and my parents arriving home) and has inspired me to contribute to all lot more blogger collaborations/ challenges.  Its also got my creative juices flowing again so expect a few more DIY outfits to appear on the blog.

I hope everyone else hasn’t fallen into the mid-year slump.
Jodie x

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


After a long (but very enjoyable) weekend I feel human again. Being caffeine free means a few coca colas effect my body worse than a few too many glasses of wine. After being so full on over preparing to go to uni it's been really nice to just relax with some new friends.

Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen (similar here and here
Dress: Collectiff (similar here)
Loafers: Linzi
Bag: Topshop
Hair: Crown and Glory and Hysteria Machine
Braclet: Pip Jolley

I'm so excited to share this cardigan as its so unbelievably perfect :) Voodoo Vixen hosted a Vintage hair instagram competition which I won and this is what I choose as my prize. 

After seeing Amanda (Amanda Darling and Georgina Peaches) in hers I HAD to own it and following her size down advice I fitted into an XL :) Not only is it beautiful and soft but the "peak-a-boo" style collar is really flattering (compared to completely buttoned up). Paired simply with my Collectiff dress and roller bangle, this was a wear everywhere outfit- from running errands to baking and an evening round my sisters. 
Jodie x 

Monday, 23 June 2014


... bold prints and accessories...

... nautical inspiration from Jessica...

... soft pretzels so obviously this recipe from A Beautiful Mess...

... and Betty stepping out of her comfort zone in a bargain outfit (my favourite).

Jodie x  

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


I'm halfway through a week with my parents being away and I'm VERY glad Dylan is here for me- that dog honestly means the world to me and he's currently running back and forth through the house with a mouthful of food to play with in the garden. My parents go away a lot but I feel a lot more lonely this time (as me and Chris are living the LDR) so I need that little cuddle monster.

The week was all about walks (Dylan has a route he likes) cooking with far too much cheese and Netflix. Plus a new "lazy day look". 

Previously I've all been about a tee and leggings but now I'm not feeling leggings so much. Dresses are becoming my comfort look again. 

Dress: Jules_retrolook from eBay (similar here and here)
Belt: Primark
Necklace: gifts

Day old styled hair, and a Sun dress has to equal ultimate relaxation. 

This dress was handmade from eBay and OH MY GOD it's the most fantastic dress ever! This is actually the second one I bought as I would honestly buy about 50! I can put my hand on my heart and say both dresses are unbelievable- I literally feel like a princess in them and much prefer them to my shop bought ones. Obviously I had to pair it with a humorous belt and a petticoat, but spending most of the day in my house I didn't bother with shoes or a bag (a first for the blog!)
Jodie x 

Monday, 16 June 2014


This week my parents are away and all of a sudden I've got the baking bug. After my success with cookies and s mug cake I'm looking for inspiration and this almond milk/left over bake from Bespoke Brides has tickled my taste buds...

... fortunately this petticoat guide from Katie and Amanda has arrived just in time on tips to hide my increasing food baby episodes (and inspired a shopping list)...

... I'm equally inspired by Georgia's new venture-making clothes.

Saturday, 14 June 2014


It's been so warm this week I'm not looking forward to Sumner being officially here (especially if out air conditioning at work remains broken). I'm not a summer girl. After 5 years working inside (what is essentially a windowless box) my skin has is sensitive and I'm a Sun cream fanatic. 

Fortunately I seem to have got into a play suit love affair so at least I can dress appropriately this year.

Play suit: Depop (originally Matalan)
Bag: Vintage
Bracelet: Pip Jolley (similar here and here)
Necklace: Drown Soda (shop currently closed)
Hair comb: Crown and Glory
Shoes: from Korea (similar here, here and here

I'll be honest I'm not keen on Depop- give me eBay any day- but I am uncovering a few gems. This is the first I've found- the most perfect play suit ever! It's really billowy around the legs so it almost looks like a dress, and with its tight waist and halter tie its the perfect pin up style play suit. The billows really help keep me cool too even though I Rusk flashing my knickers waving the legs about. Paired with my Pip Jolley bracelet and wicker bag I love this look. Plus these jelly sandals are surprisingly comfortable  

I won them in a giveaway months ago (sorry I forgot off who) and at first I thought they would be as uncomfortable as the ones I had as a child but the lack if heel really helps. That and they're a size bigger so don't seem to rub. It's strange things you think you'll hate you end up liking- giving things a go works out. 

I need all the cool clothes I can get to chill this weekend- being hot all week (and my PCOS playing up) has made me feel exhausted so relaxing this weekend is the perfect way to relax and recharge.
Jodie x
P.S. I've just realised you can see almost all my tattoos in this outfit -you'll see all if them if I put up my hair :)  

Monday, 9 June 2014


Top: George at ASDA (similar here and here
Bag: Vintage
Bracelet: Pip Jolley (similar here)
Skirt: Topshop
Petticoat: EBay
Shoes: Primark
Hair flower: Crown and Glory (similar here and here
Hair skull: Hysteria Machine (similar here and here)

This vest top is seriously cool. Walking through ASDA I spitted it and wasn't sure if it would fit but I'm glad I bought it. Its possibly the best constructed top ever. Its pretty, the material is soft and the best fit is its elasticated waist. That small thing means it never rose up in the day and creased. It looks perfect. 

I can't seem to go out without a petticoat lately. I feel like my short one (seen here) is the perfect fullness but after reading Katie and Amanda's petticoat post I want a better long petticoat. 

Last weeks comments seemed to have ran away from me, but ill catch up soon. Especially as this weekend it's just me and the dog. I'm imagining we get up to some sort of Tom and Jerry antics chasing each other round the house and eating cheese. 
Jodie x 

Friday, 6 June 2014


Thank you everyone who had commented on my previous post- you guys are seriously awesome :) I was so worried about sharing such a big change but the support has berm excellent- every new comment I read them all over and over about 30 times.

Thank you. I knew I could rely on all my blogger babes :) words can't describe how important everyone's comments where for me.

Receiving such great feedback has inspired me to change up my blogging style a lot more.

I love shoes. Shoes make me happy and I spend a small fortune on them, wearing them until they fall apart. Inspired by Becky (Becky Bedbug) I've decided to show off my little collection, as they get so little action in my blog posts.

These are whats been on my feet pretty much constantly for the last 3 weeks, replacing two pairs that had fallen apart. I bought them in Primark for a massive £12!! And I'm seriously impressed. They've scuffed up a bit and are apt lighter than my old creepers but they've faired so well. I thought (wearing them to work) I would have killed them already buy they're really lasting and are SO comfortable. I have a thing about clunky shoes and these are perfect.
Jodie x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Some weeks feel like they've lasted months- such as this past week. Training, overtime, hair dying, fabric buying and hosting a garden party is exhausting. Plus cancelling my pension (I'm no longer an adult!) and filling paperwork has taken a lot of free time- but I can see an end. I can't wait to start uni and as a student blogger (I've already wrote a handful of posts ready to post). 

I can tell that my enthusiasm for uni is impacting on my enthusiasm for fashion- trends feel like they're passing me by but my style has changed. I'm interested in only a little niche. 

I'm officially the worse fashion blogger ever!! Ha ha ha. 

Dress: Camden Market
Shoes: Primark (similar here and here) I've just purchased these amazing creepers from Dr Martens ;)
Bag: the Circus Of Horrors
Coat: eBay
Headscarf: Thrifted. 

I officially love halter neck dresses. I always thought that they would make my chest look bigger but I've changed my mind. I'm so glad that Chris bought me this dress and he and my best friend have encouraged me to by more- finally I'm wearing the pin up fashion I've lusted after since cutting in a Betty Page fringe in my early teens (was I 14?). They don't make my chest look obscene!! 

Ive been having a little bit of a crisis as of late- pin up feels so much like me but I panic that its too much to quickly. Ive always had a pin up trust but my as I know have a wardrobe I feel like I've properly embraced it. I wonder where goth Jodie who only dressed in black has gone.

I've asked Chris this about 20 times this week (and I've only spent about 12 hours with him) and my best friend had a two hour conversation about it but (as pathetic as it seems) I winder what you guys think?
Jodie x

P.S. the coat!! I'm in two minds about this coat- one hand I can stay dry from the rain and show off my clothes :) but on the other its so tacky. But I do like tacky. Its also acts like a mini steamer. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014


... Sunshine and spots...

... Selfies in cake (from Zoe at Girl With The Flower)...

... Pin up two piece from Megan (at The Briar Rose)...

... And head scarf inspiration (from Honey Pop).
Jodie x