Thursday, 20 November 2014


Lazy day looks are always the best looks- there something about wearing my most worn clothes that make me happy. I think its wearing scrubs at work- I pick comfort and easy dressing over flashy looks most days. 

Skirt: Boohoo (similar here and here)
Loafers: Linzi (similar here)
Cardigan: Voodoo Vixen (similar here)
Bag: Baia Bags (similar here and here)
Hat: Vintage
Hair Flowers: Hysteria Machine, Crown and Glory
Jacket: George at ASDA
This pencil skirt has to be my most worn item in my whole wardrobe- I wear it pretty much every time I have to go to uni, and almost every weekend- so much so I'm surprised I've featured it so little on Be A Goddess. I love it not only as for its cool leather section on the hips, but because its lined (yay for winter proofing) and just a little bit longer than most hitting below the knee.
Does anyone else have an item that is seriously overworn in their wardrobe?
Jodie x

Monday, 17 November 2014


... the awesome curves created by my What Katie Did Morticia corset (look at my hips)...

... feeling like it's nearly winter- wrapping  with warm drinks...

... and inspiring others- such as April ;)
Jodie x 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Cape: Boohoo (similar here and here)
Skirt: River Island
Bag: Gucci
Loafers: Linzi
Cardigan: Primark
Scarf and belt: New Look

How far into the winter months can you continue to go bare legged? I'm anti-tights at the moment so still braving the chill but I'm starting to get some odd looks. I'm not cold as I'm mastering layering at present. 

A faux fur scarf cardigan and cape and I feel like I'm wrapped under a duvet. I'm so glad capes are proving to be very popular this year-I feel like it's the cutting edge of fashion and I'm happy with how much wear my Boohoo cape is getting- I've had it a few years but it comes out every autumn. I'm so happy I'm getting a lot of use out of my wardrobe rather than spending. 

Plus it looks so smart and chic and tops off my pin up wardrobe perfectly.
Jodie x 

Saturday, 8 November 2014


This week has exhausted me!

Thursday I done something I had always wanted to do (but never fitted the criteria) and gave blood. Not going to lie I felt like a super hero afterwards. Yesterday I helped my sister and brother-in-law move house and practically took all the sin of my hands cleaning everything in sight. Today will be a much needed lazy day with Chris.

I decided to start seasoning my What Kate Did Morticia corset while while completed a few chores and I have to say it looks amazing under this Lindy Bop red bibbed dress.

Dress: Lindy Bop (similar here and here)
Loafers: Linzi
Jacket: George at ASDA
Scarf: New Look
Headband: Hysteria Machine
Bag: Baia

Although only the first day of seasoning (so got a while to fit  perfectly) it gives my hips a beautiful Dita Von Teese shape and really shows of my chest. The dress really shows it off to its fullest potential -I just wish I snapped better photos before taking it all off to laze on the sofa.
Jodie x

Monday, 3 November 2014


Sometimes I like to go out dressed like a giant sweet- especially mixing oranges and pinks to create something very similar to a Fruit Salad.

Dress: eBay (similar here and here)
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Faux fur scarf: New Look
Cardigan: Collectif (similar here
Sneakers: Converse
Hair flower: Crown and Glory

This red Hell Bunny petticoat was a fantastic eBay find (100% worth the money- Evan at their original price) giving epic volume while still baking me resemble something you eat. Being able to wear my summer dresses in autumn is making me very happy- especially as its still warm enough to pair with a cardigan and scarf. 

I can't wait to dig out my furs as it gets colder- winter dressing will always be my favourite. Am I the only one who digs out the same winter clothes year after year? 

The only part of winter I don't like is the early night fall- cycling home in the dark is the worse part of my day, but I'm becoming addicted to the thrill. My heart pumping while I try to beat yesterday's time is a fantastic feeling- I can now see how people get addicted to fast driving. 
Jodie x 

Sunday, 2 November 2014


... spending time simply relaxing. After a hectic few weeks my uni life has balanced out with my personal life- and although I'll rather be doing my assignments than blogging (sorry) I'm happy where I'm at. I only wish my student budget had allowed me to enjoy the Halloween activities- I love all things creepy especially these awesome meringue ghosts by Laura...

... in line with dressing up Megan's recap of MCM and all things display looks fantastic (and she makes the best Ariel)...

... being bare faced at work (the air conditioning irritates my skin) I've become obsessed with makeup and hair tutorials- Laura's ombre lips look fantastic and is something I NEED to try.

Hope you're all having  Fantastic week.
Jodie x