Thursday, 26 March 2015


When I read that Ella Mobbs was looking for bloggers to collaborate with on Facebook I jumped at the chance. I have been a fan of her work for years since seeing her amazing painted tea cups on Tumblr- something  that crushed me was knowing they would never survive the trip from Australia.

Her jewellery pieces are perfect. They just the right mix of fashion and art (fa-rt?) and I was  beyond excited when she offered to send me a few pieces. already owning her Skully Tea cardigan clips (you can see here) I knew i was going to receive something beautiful and well crafted but I wasn't expecting the outcome. Everything is so beautiful!

I don't think I can possibly choose a favourite out of the four brooches Ella kindly sent me- but i am overwhelmed by her kindness. I feel like she really (really, really) researched into what I liked to send me these four. I love brooches, and the Eye  Heart You mini pin has already found its home on my Collectif coat (so I've been wearing it everyday) and have hundreds of ideas for the others- which you might have already seen in my previous post.

I love them all for separate reasons- The craftmanship of the clear Creep Heart brooch is amazing- and looks awesome against prints (as you can see), and I feel that the Keepsake  Rose mini pin is perfect for me (due to my tattooed shoulders and it being my boyfriends name), but equally I love a good pun so the Eye Heart You pin is awesome, and the Dead Mingo mini pin is the creepy pin up mascot.

Expect to be seeing a lot of these brooches. Visit Ellas shop here, or follow her on Facebook,  Instagram, Tumblr and Youtube.
Jodie x


  1. Oooh I've never heard of Creep Heart before. Love the bits you were sent and there's a lot more on the website that looks so good! Is it just me or is there an amazing amount of cool stuff coming out of Australia at the moment? xx

  2. I love those brooches, they are so adorably creepy, just the sort of thing I love.
    I know with your classic pin up style, you will rock them to perfection.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done