Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Having dark toned coloured hair (my bleaching days are behind me) I feel that I'm in the shadows compared to bright hair beauties who I envy, and often feel my hair looks dull. Therefore keeping it to its maximum brightness is something I've battled with for years. 

Previously I would just have it dyed every couple of weeks (I'm that high maintenance) but it's not economical as a student. I've been swapping shampoos, reducing heat styling and washing my hair less and less but the colour is fading far to quickly. I needed to refresh it. 

In the past whenever I've fancied bright hair I've turned to Crazy Color- Pinkissimo being my favourite- for maximum impact allowing for frequent top ups. But this wasn't a brand that cane to mind with dark hair. That was until I stopped by the Crazy Color stand at London Edge and noticed how similar my hair was to Cyclamen. After chatting colour I was advised to try refreshing my colour with a kind free bottle at home.

Wow! If you compare my hair to my previous posts (here) you can see a massive difference. My roots where faded the most and they've returned with bright glory! 

Refreshing the colour was actually really easy. After shampooing (and only during shampoo as advised on the bottle) and using gloves I mixed equal amounts of conditioner to Crazy colour and ran it through my hair. (I'm 99% sure I read this tip on Zoes blog but I can't find the post). I then massaged it through all my hair until it foamed (so was reacting with my hair) and left it for 10 minutes. After rinsing my hair until the water was (practically) running clear I dried my hair and styled as normal, again use gloves for this- I forgot and have dyed my fingernails pink.

I'm really impressed with the effect it's had as would recommend it to refresh hair. Particularly if you where darker red or purple coloured shades. My hair feels really soft (I've never had issues with Crazy Color drying ny hair), is free from any ammonia smell and very manageable.

I'm so glad I used Crazy Color!
Jodie x 

P.S. please be warned this WILL stain. But can be removed from any bathroom fixtures with Cilit Bang or 1001 stain remover (but shouldn't stain ceramics if wet- so run the shower for a while first) and from skin using either perfume or Cleanser.

P.S.S. my halter neck is from Vivien of Holloway, and brooch was kindly gifted to me from Ella Mobbs- check her out! 

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