Tuesday, 28 April 2015


With plus size shopping being so focused in the media lately (with Plus Size Wars on C4 and the #WeAreThey hashtag) finding a brand with a supportive ethos is a big deal. When I was a teenager and in my early 20s plus size was a taboo- it was OK if I wanted a kaftan or a smock or if I wanted to dress in black (which I did) but it wasn't really me. As a teenage Punk (with short black hair, drainpipes –before they were cool- and I even have Destroy tattooed on my back) I retired in my mid-20s eventually finding my home in Pin Up and Rockabilly.

Pin Up and Rockabilly have always been inclusive. I've never know a time when I felt “to fat to fit in” or too different. Or looked at a fellow Pin Up and thought “she’s to short/ thin/ tall”. The reason I love the Pin Up community so much is that it’s all inclusive and it’s the style everyone looks good in. Below are a few of my favourite inspiration.

Voodoo Vixen are a brand I love- not just because of the awesome pints turning me into a crazy cat lady (Kitty, Ally Cat and Katnis to name a few) but because they have a really inclusive pear shaped cut. Pin Up is traditionally quite hourglass, but nationally women are more pear shaped- with a smaller bust to waist difference and bigger hips- and as such traditional cuts no longer match women’s shapes of today. This attitude results in Voodoo Vixen more suited to more women-and why I love them so much! They are a brand working towards including as many people as possible- with their sizes from XS to 4XL and really support their Plus Size range (including it in Debenhams before their straight sizes!) taking on board feedback from Plus Size bloggers.

All in all I am very happy to share that they have asked me to join them at the Curvy Convention! If you’re attending please stop by and chat about the brand and (although they won’t be selling on the day) come stroke all the amazing prints and say hello to me! If you want to buy tickets then please follow the link below.

Jodie x

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I know the sun has been shining lately, and its looking more and more like spring every day but I can't put this post off any longer and have to share my awesome coat! I'm very happy I'm a naturally chilly person so clearly still getting use out of it. 

Coat: Collectf (similar here)
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood
Brooch: Ella Mobbs
Hair flower: Crown and Glory
Bag: Sun Jellies (similar here)

Unfortunately the grey Rachel coat is now out online (my boyfriend bought this for me in Brighton) but they still have the pink checked version. It's seriously the best coat ever- being a coat that finally allows petticoat puffiness and super warm. It having pockets are just a bonus. 

Compared to the Pearl and Ashley I much prefer the fit. It fastens to the neck but a lot better cut than the Pearl around the chest. 

In reality this whole outfit is one huge show off including the shoes and bag- both of which are going to be over worn this summer. 
Jodie x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


From such a similar name to the Voodoo Vixen Arlene, the Adeline dress couldn't more different. 

Dress c/o Voodoo Vixen via Debenhams (similar here and here)
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Petticoat: Hell Bunny

This is another dress Voodoo Vixen have released on Debenhams and I think I might actually think it's nicer. I can 100% see it appealing to more people.

It's nice to own a dress with sleeves- I can finally go without a cardigan and not be freezing. They're so cute and roomy- a good thing as I tend to swing my arms around a lot (either dancing in my room or general gesturing). They're the perfect touch to a plus size dress. 

My favourite part has to be the bit I was least sure of- the neckline. It's very similar to the Collectif Regina neckline but MUCH better fitted. With the Regina I was constantly falling out (so had to get rid of it) but the Adeline is a much better cut while still giving a beautiful sweetheart neckline. I'm very impressed. 

I felt like the dress didn't need anything extra, but I'm looking forward to (over) accessorising. 
Jodie x 

Friday, 10 April 2015


A few weeks ago I won a free vintage hairstyling appointment at Rockalilly Cuts via their instagram giveaway and Last week I finally got an excuse to use it (my boyfriend had a gig is London). I have never had someone style my hair in vintage rolls/ waves before so I wasn't sure what to expect- and I have to say it was a pleasant experience for so many reasons.

First of all look how great it looks! I gave a very vague "maybe victory rolls" and let the stylist work her magic (I'm so sorry I have completely forgotten her name) and was surprised with just how high my rolls became! I felt about a foot taller. And the waves in the back where beautiful.

I will be 100% honest there is a LOT of backcombing in there which I found a little uncomfortable to sleep in and ended up taking out the rolls in the night but the waves where something else. They lasted 4 days! all I did was re-pinned the front and the back was beautiful and puffy :)

the appointment took 45 minutes and usually costs $35 (like I said I got it for free) and I can honestly say that if I had the chance I would go there again (I just need an excuse). From the treatment I received to the relentless stalking I give Rockalilly cuts on IG I would highly recommend them (for men too as I saw two fantastic bits of barbering while I was in there).

I can't help but feel my hair is very important too me. Like I can only have a good day if my hair is on point.

I know it makes me sound a bit shallow but for the last few weeks I have felt really self consious and unhappy with the way I looked and generally down with my whole outlook on life. After the fantastic hair do on Thursday I felt amazing(even after dragging several bits of equipment on the underground and a late night car journey across North London). I solemnly swear that I will be putting a LOT more effort into my hair from now on as I know it makes me happy.

I know my hair doesn't make me who I am, but i like the control I have over it- like if I can control my hair I can control my life. My hair doesn't make me who I cam, but being able to control it makes me happy- I could cut it into a pixie crop (like in my youth) and be happy because that's what I have control over.

You can find all about Rockalilly cuts via their website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

in the spirit of hair- I hope everyone can help support Sarah in her fund raising for mind in collaboration with Model XL as she's shaving off her hair! In Sarahs own words:

".... my hair doesn't make me the person I am, so I decided to show that I am still the same person with or without it!”

I love this kind of ownership about herself and that shes doing it all for charity- so if you have a fair few pennys then please donate- and check out her IG feed on the 11th for updates.

Jodie x

Thursday, 9 April 2015


I think it's fair to say that Voodoo Vixen are taking over the world- as well as my wardrobe! Recently they have a concession for their plus size clothes in Debenhams, and kindly offered to send me a few of what they had on offer- something that has  cheered me right up as I have felt a very self-conscious student as of late. This is only a good thing. It opens up Voodoo Vixen to a whole other market, as well as warming my fat girl heart that Voodoo Vixen choose their plus sizes to try first :)

Dress c/o Voodoo Vixen via Debenhams (also from here, in smaller sizes here and similar here)
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Petticoat: Hell Bunny

My best friend April wore this when we were invited to attend London Edge with Voodoo Vixen and I fell in love (and unsuccessfully tried to steal it) so I KNEW I wanted this dress. The fit is exactly the same as my Kitty dress (they re obviously cut from the same patten), so is super comfortable. Like the Kitty, Arlene doesn't fir my waist perfectly as its cut to a more generous style. I like this about Voodoo Vixen- its more accommodating to a more average figure and a lot more flattering to plus size beauties, while the belt means I can pull in the waist to fit around my hourglass curves. Again similar to the kitty dress- they material is fantastic!! The print is beautiful and strong and clearly applied (with all the issues coming form a certain PUG dress of late I feel this is VERY important) and the material if very think. Its generally well crafted. 

I am so glad i have this dress in my wardrobe (which I put on as soon as it  arrived) and can't wait to wear it again. Its one of the front runners for my outfit to the Pinup Picnic in the Park in June (event link here), and I know it will be worn again as soon as this weekend. 

The main thing is it well and truly done its job of cheering me up after a rough couple off weeks. Student stress does havoc on my self confidence and this dress has managed to easily repair that damage. Now if it could only write my essay for me.
Jodie x