Tuesday, 22 December 2015


Dress: Dolly & Dotty (similar here and here).
Petticoat: Hell Bunny (Similar here and here)

So maybe this is possibly the worse dress to wear in rain unless you're like me and didn't leave my house. But there has been rainy days-a-plenty recently. 

Being a student is HARD WORK! Doing a working week with studying is one thing but add in my own little stress that in 8 months time  I will be doing everything on my own with actual lives at steak is a little scary.  Its left next to no time for myself, and however many times I aim to be more productive blogging its at the end of a very long list. Even seeing my boyfriend and my best friend has dropped down. So when Dolly & Dotty sent me this dress I had a little cry. 

Being sent something so beautiful when I've been stuck in theatre scrubs for the last month turned my dark mood right around. I saw Dolly & Dotty at London Edge in September and they instantly caught my interest because of having so many options in a Plus Size! Which is why I spent some time on my hair and actually applied makeup (!!makeup!!) for the first time in weeks. I don't care how shallow it is, looking good makes me feel good.

This is the Tiffany dress and my second step into sleeved dresses. I am officially a convert. I want all the sleeves!! In terms of fit it fits exactly as per the size chart- and again I went for a size 18. I would say its true to size and is cut in a shape flattering to the waist. I would say its a modern day hourglass- so if you're like me with a vintage hourglass and a waist-bust difference of over 10 inches the belt is a lifesaver! It helps draw in my waist without looking like there is too much material. The length is perfect,and the craftsmanship is amazing. 

The only downside is the material. Its super soft and strong but creases like a newspaper! I ironed this and by the time I got it over my head and the belt tightened my sleeves were creased. Fortunately the petticoat hides everything in the skirt, and the cut cross the bodice hides everything there.  
Jodie x
P.S. Dolly & Dotty are currently having a sale- which this dress is included!


  1. That dress is gorgeous! You look amazing!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  2. You look absolutely stunning honey. I love this dress on you, and it suits your figure perfectly! Xx

  3. Aaaaw, well I hope it was a happy little cry you had! It sounds like it was. And it sounds like you're super busy--I do hope you're staying afloat and as sane as possible. Juggling all that does sound like a difficult thing to balance, but it sounds like people are being very understandable. That dress looks so so wonderful on you.

  4. i love that dress!


  5. Dresses with sleeves are the best, but so hard to find~!
    It looks fantastic on you


  6. You look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing - I am always on the lookout for sleeved dresses

    I understand the student life... I am just about to start studying and I'm tired just thinking of it.

    xo Miss Betty Doll

  7. This dress is good!!!!!!!!