Wednesday, 1 July 2015


On Thursday I was treated by April and Tammy as a plus one to the opening of the new Lush Stratford store (two doors down from their old one) and its was amazing. A post will be up soon (when I've sorted through the several hundred photos) but I wanted to share what I wore. 

I've found myself opting for pencil skirts as the weather is getting warmer as it avoids the extra layer of  petticoat, and I'm having fun mixing tops to wear with them.

Skirt: River Island (similar here)
Top: Collectif (similar here and here)
Belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Bag: Vintage (similar here )
Shoes: Rocket Dog

I don't know why but when I feeling less than confident about my body I always seem to go for a tight pencil skirt (FYI: all my pencil skirts are tight). I don't know if its a "fake it till you make it" act or that I know I look aw some in a tight skirt or just because I get a LOT less negative attention in comparison to a swing skirt or dress but Its how I roll.

I love this skirt from River Island that I have had for about 4 years and is still going strong. It just clings to all of the right places and a great length. I find that anything with stretch is better at hugging my curves (as it pulls into my waist) and I can easily size down for maximum hug (I'm wearing a size 14).

The top is last summers form Collectif (that I picked up months ago in a sale) but has only just got its first outing. I thought I would be brave a buy something mostly white as its somthing I don't usually wear, but ended up forgotten in my wardrobe because don't wear white. it was fortunate to be hanging next to a cardigan I wanted and so was picked for an appearance. it fits really nicely and accurate like all Collectif clothing (a size 18) while being both thick enough to hide my girls but thin enough for some air. I was worried about the lack of bra options (you basically cant wear one) but the halter neck provided just enough support.

Hopefully this will be my last extended silence for a while.
Jodie x